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Welcome to Broadcast Geeks! On this podcast we discuss all things geek related with a focus on comic book adaptations for television and the big screen.

Episode 131 - Every Girl Crazy for a Sharp Clawed Man

September 11, 2018

Welcome to Episode 131 of Broadcast Geeks! On this podcast we discuss all things geek and nerd related, provided our DVR’s have space and our Netflix accounts are our own and none others.  This week the Geeks (Mitch, Jeff, Jake and Matt Orrin) recorded at the Sexpot Comedy Studios, located above the awesome Mutiny Information Cafe, for another packed episode of geeky goodness.  

As usual, talk of who owns what property was discussed, specifically Sony.  We talked about their properties moving forward, starting with the new Venom movie coming out.  Will Spiderman, or even just Tom Holland appear in the film?  Are they going to connect to other characters down the line, or will their movies just be "Like a Turd in the Wind", so says our eponymous anti-hero.  This goes along with the 3rd Wave of Geek, as Marvel gets ready to end their phase of movies.  Sure, some characters will stick around but it seems that the stories will revolve around a different set of heroes, such as Captain Marvel.  We are ALL super excited for Brie Larson to kick ass as the hero to save all heroes...hopefully she can shoulder that responsibility.  


Barbie, Ken, and He-Man must be excited because Mattel has their own film division, just as Sony lost the rights to those properties...can't get away from this topic!  Hopefully, a new He-Man movie is made and Dolph Lundgren will appear in it, though not necessarily as the title character.  The topic of conversation meandered its way, to old TV shows and whether or not they hold up.  The Drew Carey show DOES hold up and, in fact, has gotten better with time.  They were ahead of the curve as far as content goes and could probably still do well if it came out today.  They DID have a huge cast of funny, and successful, people.  Cleveland Rocks!

Why do people love the Big Bang Theory? Why does Mitch Hate it?  We talked about that polarizing show, because its been around a while and despite the vitriol many have towards it, there are LOTS of people that loved it.  It's one of those shows that appeals to a certain set of geeks and non-geeks, but not all.  Are you a fan?

Not much in casting news except Timothy Dalton, one-time James Bond, has been cast in the new Doom Patrol show which will premiere on the new DCUniverse service, coming out Sept. 15, though the show probably won't arrive till October.  Gifted, season 2, should hit TV within the next few weeks and it sounds like its going to be a fun season.  Speaking of fun, Disenchantment has been a delightful show to watch with great voice actors lending their talents.  If you haven't watched it yet, check it out.  We talk about Luci, the demon, that looks like a cat.  Does it look like a cat to you?  Funny man Kyle Kinane is in a new show called Paradise PD, along with Dana Snyder and a bunch of other funny people, that Jake talks about.

We finish up with Bruce Willis movies, and whether or not they are good.  Some actors you like, or dislike, but cannot help liking their movies.  Tom Cruise can be very unlikeable, but his movies are not.  Bruce Willis, however, doesn't seem to have animosity towards him and many of his movies are enjoyable, whether or not they are actually good.  One of the Geeks hated the Fifth Element...listen to find out which one!

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