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Welcome to Broadcast Geeks! On this podcast we discuss all things geek related with a focus on comic book adaptations for television and the big screen.

Episode 191 - Schwimm Team

June 4, 2020

Welcome to Episode 191 of Broadcast Geeks! On this podcast we discuss all things geek and nerd related, provided our DVR’s have space and our Netflix accounts are our own and none others.  This week, the Geeks (Mitch, Jeff, Jake, and Matt Orrin) are virtually together to discuss all things geek. 

The world is falling apart around us, but we have little problem staying distracted.  We start talking about Scoob, the new Scooby Doo movie which is ALSO a Blue Falcon movie.  The movie kind of sets up a Hanna-Barbera universe, as it introduces Blue Falcon & Dynomutt, and also Captain Caveman and Dick Dastardly with stills of Jabberjaw, Grape Ape and Atom Ant.  Maybe we'll see the HBCU.  

We've also seen Pikachu Detective, with Ryan Reynolds, which was very fun and entertaining.  This led us down a Ryan Reynolds favorite movie path, which is easy with him. Somehow, we got into David Schwimmer and his roles.  Does he have many?  

Last, we delve into DC territory.  There is news that Ruby Rose is out as Batwoman, and at the time we didn't know much more than that.  Now its more in the news cycle, if you want to look into it.  Also, there is a new show called Stargirl which maintains some similarities to the comics.  Luke Wilson plays a big role in it and it seems to be off to a good start.  They show the JSA and the Injustice Society, including a glimpse of Solomon Grundy.  Exciting!  And since we're on the topic of DC, we feel it necessary to say that there WILL be a Snyder-cut of Justice League coming out next year.  Stay Tuned!


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